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DISC Indra


DiSC® Indra® Individual Report (Online)
The First DiSC In-Depth Relationship Assessment DiSC Indra provides, for the first time, the ability to explore and accurately measure the interrelatedness of different DiSC styles. Indra is the DiSC system to use for providing actionable insight into the dynamics of teams and other groups of people. Its unique ability to map and measure the relationships of people makes Indra ideal for conflict resolution, communication, leadership, and coaching applications.
Available exclusively online via the EPIC platform, Indra offers unprecedented flexibility and control in delivering cutting-edge DiSC learning. Available in three level of interpretation and provides feedback reports on Individuals, Dyads (pairs) and Groups.
The Individual Report is required for the Dyad Reports and the Group Report. Once you purchase any of the DiSC Indra Reports, you will be contacted by e-mail or phone within 24 hours to provide details for accessing the EPIC web site.
Today's workplace demands productive communication, positive relationships and extraordinary performance. To bolster employees' skills, organizations have relied on tools that teach individuals about their own style and how to apply it in various settings. Until now, there was no way to directly apply this learning to relationships. Now these critical skills can be developed as never before with DiSC® Indra™.
Create New Levels of Understanding
Now you have the opportunity to compare groups of individual DiSC Indra Reports from each respondents perspective with a Dyad report.
DiSC Indra offers a model of human relational behavior unavailable in any other DiSC-based assessment. This innovative model brings DiSC learning and understanding to the next level - to that of the relationship itself. It maps and measures the relationships of people, providing individuals and groups with feedback concerning the interrelatedness of different DiSC styles. DiSC Indra is designed to highlight the areas of compatibility and incompatibility, pinpointing individuals' differences and providing insight about how to work effectively together. It provides actionable insight into the dynamics of teams and other groups of people.
Take DiSC Learning Further
For nearly 30 years, people and organizations have used DiSC to learn more about themselves and the impact their behavior has on others. The DiSC model explores four primary behavioral styles:
DiSC Indra represents the integration of DiSC with the concepts and methods of Interpersonal Psychology. The result is a mathematically precise model that helps people measure and explore the interpersonal dynamics of their relationships. Using a highly developed psychometric model called a circumplex, DiSC Indra explains the interconnectedness of the styles and provides concrete, accurate feedback about how individuals with different patterns interact.
Detailed Reports Provide Three Levels of Interpretation
DiSC Indra's feedback reports provide insight on individuals, dyads (pairs), and groups. Explore the compatibility of specific people, teams, committees, departments - even the entire organization. Understanding which styles work best together, which can be effective, and which can hinder the group will maximize effectiveness and create synergistic environments. DiSC Indra is the first DiSC-based assessment to offer this kind of in-depth, targeted feedback.
Deeper Learning, Enhanced Applications. DiSC Indra is designed to be used in any setting where interpersonal effectiveness is key to the success of individuals and teams. Through its detailed feedback reports, it provides concrete, accurate information regarding potential obstacles to building effective relationships. DiSC Indra can be used in a variety of applications, including:
•conflict resolution
Available online via the EPIC platform, DiSC Indra offers unprecedented flexibility and control in delivering cutting-edge DiSC learning.
Because of the complexity of Indra and the importance of facilitation, training is required. You can earn your Indra certificate by attending a three day training session.

DiSC® Indra® Sample Report
Sample Dyad Report
Sample Group Report

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